Covid 19 Plan of Action



Effective immediately, the Kansas City Boys Choir will be taking the following actions to help mitigate the spread of Covid 19 in it’s offices:

  • All persons must wear masks when in the office. 
  • All persons must sign in if staying longer than 30 minutes.
  • All persons must log in with a name, phone number and length of time in office.
  • All temperatures must be taken and logged.  
  • Everyone entering the office must pass a series of questions 
  • All staff must be trained of COVID 19 procedures. 
  • All information must be documented 
  • Masks will be provided whered needed.
  • Hand sanitizer is available to all who enter. 
  • KCBC will report any unusual finding to local Health Department. 
  • KCBC will remain current of CDC guidelines.  
  • KCBC will continue to practice social distancing.